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Water & Fire Features

BluePoint Pools can add instant wow factor to your pool!

Water & Fire Features

Did you know you can add a water or fire feature to your swimming pool or backyard at any time?  It's true!  As expected, you can include a water or fire feature in your design when building a new pool.  And for those of you looking to add an instant wow factor to your existing pool, it's as simple as calling BluePoint Pools to discuss a renovation or remodel.  Whether your pool was built by us or not, we can turn your simple pool and landscape into a real show stopper.

Adding a water or fire features to your pool or backyard will deliver instant ambiance, delighting all of your senses.  Turn your water and fire features up high and the effect visual and sound effects are stunning, turn them down low and you’ll have created a soothing atmosphere for relaxation or romance.  Imagine relaxing to the soothing sound of water and the warmth of a fire in your back yard!

Creating your personal oasis can be as cost effective as adding a simple fountain and fire pit, or as extravagant as integrating fire and water features within your pool.  The sky’s the limit!