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Equipment Installation & Upgrades

BluePoint Pools offers superior equipment by Hayward for long-lasting reliability.

Equipment Installation

We only stock and install the very best swimming pool and spa products available. We offer the best-of-bread, from the top manufacturers in their class.   

Did you know we can offer you intelligent pool and spa equipment that will automate all your basic pool and spa functions?  Newer technology will allow you to use any smart device to control your pool equipment or any outdoor feature for that matter.  We can automate cleaning, sanitizing, and heating your pool's water.  We can also install breathtaking pool and spa lighting that will awe and amaze. And, all of the equipment we offer will be energy efficient and quiet so you can entertain and relax while your equipment is busy maintaining your pool for you.

Pool equipment replacement and upgrades
Is it time to replace your old pump, filter, or heater?  Are they loud; are they ineffective or not energy efficient?  Maybe it's time to evaluate the job, or not, your equipment is doing.  We can assess whether your equipment is properly sized and suited to properly clean and heat your pool's water.  We can also do an energy audit and educate you on ways you can save by upgrading your equipment.   

Our skilled team is here to help you with any pool equipment installation, repair or upgrade. We do all plumbing and electrical work for you, so there is no need to bring in an additional tradesman.  Let us do the job completely, right and safely!